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Japanese roasters Visit us


Roasters Japanese Takao Takahashi, Nakayama and Shigeru Obara Nasafuni of Suncafé, Itochu corp., and Itochu Corp.., From El Salvador, recently visited Finca El Cascajal with Mr. Miguel Angel Sanchez, in charge of Security Risks and Unex (Guatemala ) SA

The visit, which took place on Wednesday March 2 this year, was intended primarily tour the plantations of coffee and enjoy the natural environment of the farm, where they were received by Mr. Amadeo Francisco Palencia, who accompanied the Administrator Marvin Aguirre, provided the best care of the distinguished visitors.

Hours before his arrival at the farm, the Japanese were welcomed to roasting Hotel Payaquí by the technical team, which provided an overview of the various processes that have to be developed for cultivation as well as traceability of grain from the time that is cut until it is stored for marketing.



International Women's Day


T he International Day of Working Women (also International Women's Day) is celebrated on March 8 and is recognized by the United Nations Organization (UNO). This day commemorates the struggle of women for their participation, on equal terms with men

in society and their full development as a person.

Is a national holiday in some countries. The idea of an international day of women emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, industrial revolution and during the rise of the labor movement.

The celebration includes a fight already begun in ancient Greece and reflected in his work by Aristophanes Lysistrata, which counts as Lysistrata initiated a sexual strike against men to end the war, and that was reflected in the French Revolution: Women Paris, which demanded freedom, equality and fraternity, marched on Versailles to demand women's suffrage, but it was not until the early twentieth century when they began to proclaim, from different leftist organizations, holding a day of action specifically for women and their rights.



Finca El Cascajal Develop Rural Tourism Project

Administration Finca El Cascajal has a green light to the General Manager to start developing this year's draft Rural Tourism has been over the last few years a cherished dream.


The project, which includes the construction of the main house, where you will be shelter for tourists wishing to stay overnight at the farm who are attracted by the natural and cultural resources of the region and who can offer various possibilities for recreation, with zero environmental impact on non-degraded areas, away from the crowds, with small-scale buildings in harmony with the environment, respectful of their environment and in direct contact with the local population. It will be a building site with materials, with an entirely organic, as improved and adobe clay tile that will include rooms, lounge, meditation areas, reading, cooking, dining, gardens, walking trails and all that is necessary to give tourists an unforgettable encounter with nature, framed in a series of top quality services.



Buy Ripe Coffee Reduce Water Pollution Flows in Esquipulas

image Coffee producers in the Upper River Plant, which includes areas of culture such as La Cuestona, The Duraznal and Plan of Arada, significantly reduced air pollution as a result of pulping scale than in previous years generated huge amounts of mead affecting to the townspeople. This is mainly because this year the majority of farmers sold ripe coffee to big coffee processing plants, being The Cascajal one of them. From the standpoint of environmental conservation, the willingness of farmers to sell grain ripe coffee brings considerable benefits for the population, especially the town of Esquipulas, which is supplied water and River Plant in recent past has provoked protests and intervention of the City Hall.



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